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Gavin Shockley

Testimonial / August 24, 2016

Been training here since June, best gym I have ever been to. Lots of awesome people, very supportive and give helpful advice on anything. Everybody puts their weights away, trains with perfect form and wipe down their equipment when they have finished using it. The machines, free weights and cardio are the best you will ever use. Everything is super functional and effective. Every machine you have dreamed of using is here and nothing is overcrowded or overused. Nothing is ever out of service and if it is, it gets fixed instantly. And even though they have the best equipment I have ever seen, they continue to get even newer upgraded equipment.This gym allows you to take it to the next level and makes you want to represent it and support it by wearing all their cool hats and clothing in the shop possible. It’s an elite level of gym filled with some of the best bodybuilders and athletes in Colorado and around the world, however everyone is cool and supportive and they welcome everyone in all age and sizes! After training at this gym, you don’t ever want to train anywhere else because nothing is comparable!