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Trainer - Jessie Riemann

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Jessie Riemann

Jessie Riemann

Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Weightloss


Jessie Riemann of P.I.N.K. Fitness Training LLC

After 10 years of suffering from anorexia/bulimia, I turned to weight
training and becoming a certified nutrition specialist in desperate hopes
of turning my life around. I then became so passionate about training and
nutrition and what both had done for me that I decided to become a personal
trainer to help other people feel stronger, healthier, and happier with
themselves. Several years later, after gaining ever-increasing knowledge
and experience and developing some unforgettable relationships with
countless clients, I must say I truly LOVE my job. I couldn’t imagine life
without fitness and being able to work with amazing people, side by side,
in transforming their own lives for the better, just as I did.