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    Armbrust Pro Gym was created in 2008 with a vision to bring back the true nature of health and fitness and the definition behind it. We are a local, family-owned and operated business. At Armbrust Pro Gym, we have taken a page out of the history books and combined it with the modern lifestyle of today’s athletes, along with the most innovative gym equipment and training techniques proven to work time after time. We always provide the most up-to-date nutritional supplements while constantly expanding and growing every aspect of the gym

    • What we Offer

    • Monthy Membership Options
    • Top of the Line Cardio Equipment
    • A World Famous Leg Room
    • Personal Trianing
    • Dedicated Posing space and classes
    • A Wonderful Gym Experience

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Why is Armbrust the Best Gym In Colorado


We Have a large selection of Free weights. Including the famous 180 pounds bronco dumbells. Our Free Weight section selection is large enuff for even MR.O him self Phil Heath. Come by and see for yourself.


If you dont skip leg day armbrust is the gym for you. We at armbrust belive in Bulding The Best Legs. We have over eight olympic power racks. mutiple leg press, a brand new Arsenal Glute Bridg. Any type of squat bar. Three leg extention, Three leg curl and so much more.


We have Stair Steppers,Treadmills, Ellipticals, Excercise Bikes, Rowing,Alternitive Motion and much more


We Have the Best Trainers in the world here at Armbrust. With multiple IFBB pros to choose from Brett wilkin, Ivana ivusic, Martin Fitzwater, Adam Young, New Pro Johathan Withers, and Heather Grace. We are sure if you want to be trained look no further then the mile high mecca.


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We have constintly turned out pro Athleates and it is in part to our training atmosphere. The air may be thin at Armbrust but the gym is thick with Knowlage and experience. Just make sure to put your weights away and you will soon be growing thick here too.

Our Team

Dylan Armbrust


Zach Armburst


Andrea Palmer

Owner/General Manager

Daniel Hopkins


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Pricing Table


(paid in full at time of sign up)
  1. Day Pass $20
  2. Week Pass $50
  3. 1 month $75 monthly
  4. 3 months $175
  5. 6 months $275
  6. 1 year $520
top sale

$42 monthly
$25 monthly

$42 with a one time $80 enrollment fee
$25 with a one time $300 enrollment fee
  1. $25 yearly maintenance fee 90 days after the contract sign date
  2. Will automatically rollover to month to month after year is complete
  3. Cancellation only when the term is up with a 45-day written notice


(seniors MUST be 65 years or older, students MUST show current student ID and be 14-25 years old)
  1. 1 month $55
  2. 3 month $140
  3. 6 month $230
  4. 1 Year $425

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Joshua Neathery

This gym was phenomenal. One of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to and I’ve hit several hundred throughout the country and world. Staff, trainers and members were all great and just in there busting it! Can’t wait to go back!!!

Vince M., Arvada, CO

The best and most motivating gym in metro Denver, truly a cut above! It's more than worth it to pay a little bit more for a membership. There is an entire room for leg workouts and lots of unique equipment. Its a land of giants, and at the same time a pro gym for everyone.

Asia Paulina


It is definitely one the best gyms in Colorado. People who lift here are very serious, motivated and dedicated to their gains. The staff is amazing. I would give this gym 6 stars if that was possible.

Hank B

I have been to a lot of gyms over the years and there is no better gym in Colorado. They stay on top of the gym equipment and if anything breaks it’s fixed right away. The employees always have a smile on their faces and help you out with any questions. There is a reason why a lot of the pros come here to go.

Contact us

Call: (303) 456-0076
Monday-Friday (5am-10pm)
Monday-Friday (7am-8pm)
Monday-Friday (7am-6pm)

Email: info@armbrustprogym.com
Web: www.armbrustprogym.com
Contact: Andrea Palmer, Owner/General Manager Dylan Armbrust, Owner/CEO

Location: 4240 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge
CO 80033, USA