the mile high mecca


A quick overview

Dylan and Heather Armbrust created Armbrust Pro Gym in the beginning of 2008 with a vision to bring back the excitement of the old school gym professionally operated. They were members of the current “old school” gym and had dreamed of owning their own gym and creating it along the lines of their person vision. The Armbrust’s have taken a page out of the history books and combined their vision with the modern lifestyle of today’s goal oriented gym member, along with the most innovative gym equipment and training techniques proven to work time after time. Armbrust Pro Gym always provides the most up to date nutritional supplements in the Fitness Emporium, while constantly expanding and growing every aspect of the gym.

At Armbrust, there is a true passion for health and fitness. Armbrust Pro Gym is a professional, state of the art gym for everyone, no matter what the individual’s journey may be. Everyone is welcome- this is the true “judgment free zone”.
Whether you are one of the sports top athletes, or just looking to improve your health, you will fit right in here. We have everybody from the everyday 9-5ers, to the top athletes in the world and everybody in-between. APG is a positive and encouraging environment where everybody can work to be his or her own personal best.
At the beginning of 2014, the Armbrust welcomed on new partner, Brian Leben. Brian has been an excellent addition to the team and has quickly become part of the APG family.

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